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when your friends are talking about stuff you don’t understand but you still want to be part of the conversation


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I miss,too〜


hello my loves~ it’s been a while since my last giveaway hasn’t it..
well himi was gracious enough to sponsor this giveaway!
I recently (well maybe not so recent) hit a milestone, and I would love to thank you all with this giveaway~

The prize: $50 credit at Himi or CutieMori
You can enter the giveaway by going here!

Giveaway blogs are ineligible
You will need to be 15+ or have a parent’s permission
Do not delete the text when reblogging.

The giveaway will run from September 15~30th; this giveaway is open worldwide!
Thank you for all the support and good luck!

If you would like to purchase anything from the store; 
use the code: bonjanamu for a discount!
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the making of a peace potion(?) (what is…going on here…)